Pro Skinz and Design is a full design/art shop located in Wadena, MN.  What makes Pro Skinz stand out is the experience and training I hold.  Having formal training in graphic design is a must for any aspect of business marketing.  I maintain a vast amount of training in all forms of artistic creation.  While teaching high school art for 15 years, I shared my knowledge and love of being creative with the community and students.

I started my art business in 1986 as Formanek Designs and changed the name to Pro Skinz in 2010.  In 2010, while teaching and running Pro Skinz my focus became being self employed full time and I knew it was time to leave the classroom.  Since then, Pro Skinz has reached nationwide with clients.  Welcome to the Pro Skinz family is how I thank my customers.  Loyalty is paramount in my business model.  I treat my customers like family.

Pro Skinz uses the highest quality materials and equipment available in all aspects of creation.  This ensures the customers invest their hard earned money into longevity yet at a very competitive price point.  There is no limit to what Pro Skinz can do!  I would love to welcome you to the family.

ABOUT pro skinz ...


taking the time for perfection even when others won't notice